Hard water can make a mess of things in your home.  Once you see any signs of it, you’ll want to take action; otherwise, conditions will get worse.

Here’s how you know – or can at least suspect – you have hard water:

  • Funny tasting or smelling water. Some people say hard water tastes like dirt; others call it a metallic taste.
  • Brown or reddish stains on porcelain.
  • Soap scum on bathroom tiles you have to keep cleaning.
  • Spotty dishes and glasses, often covered with a milky haze.
  • Extra soap and shampoo needed to get clean in the shower.
  • Extra laundry detergent needed to get your clothes clean.
  • Scratchy skin and dry, dull hair.

In short, hard water can be annoying and expensive.

Hard water is the result of excess amounts of iron, calcium, and magnesium in your water supply…city or well.

But now Anthony’s Plumbing Heating & Air can erase your hard water problems with a whole-house water softener.  Water softeners remove the minerals and, in the process, can you save you big money on home care products, plumbing and appliance repair, and more.

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