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Sticky in the Summer and Bone Dry in the Winter? Anthony’s Has the Perfect Solution.

Indoor comfort isn’t just measured by temperature. Just like the outdoors, humidity levels are major contributing factors.

Bottom line, you don’t want your house to be overly dry in the winter, and uncomfortably humid and sticky during the summer months. And yet many homes are, especially those with older HVAC systems.

Now, Anthony’s can help change all that. Read on as we explain how.

Whole-House De-Humidifier | Home De-Humidifier

If your central AC system is on the newer side, you probably don’t have a problem with indoor humidity. That’s part of what AC systems are designed to do – cool you off and remove excess humidity at the same time.

But as your system ages, it’s humidity removal skills gradually diminish. That’s where we come in. By installing a whole-house de-humidifier, you’ll not only sleep and feel better, you’ll pay less to cool your home.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of mold and mildew
  • Less wear and tear on your AC system
  • You can change the humidity level setting anytime you like
  • No water buckets to keep disposing of
  • Works hand in hand with your AC system to keep you cool at just the right humidity level, 24/7

Whole-House Humidifier | Home Humidifier System

If you have a forced air heating system, your indoor air dries up beginning the day the furnace first goes on. And dry air can cause all kinds of problems, like static electricity, bloody noses, itchy skin, frizzy hair, dried out wood that can shrink and warp, and more.

Dry indoor air can make you downright miserable – but once again, Anthony’s has the solution. Your whole-house humidifier will balance the heat you enjoy with just the right amount of humidity for more comfortable living. Once again, you get to control what level of humidity you want – a setting you can change at any time. Experts agree that the most comfortable level of humidity is within the 30% to 50% range.

Too much or too little humidity – stop putting up with it and contact Anthony’s today to put those woes behind you.

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