Programmable Thermostat | Whole-House Zone Control

How to Enjoy Added Comfort, Flexibility, and Savings

If your heating and cooling systems operate from a single thermostat, monthly energy costs could be through the roof. That’s what happens when every room is the same temperature, even those that are unoccupied. What a waste!

Now, Anthony’s gives you two great ways to save money without sacrificing one ounce of comfort.

Whole-House Zone Control

Many older homes were built with one thermostat. Yours perhaps? If so, and it’s still that way, it’s time to consider adding a zone or two, each with its own thermostat.

Chances are there are times of day when no one’s home, or maybe just one or two people. And if you are home, one or more areas are left unoccupied until others return. That means you’re heating and cooling an entire house when it’s not necessary to do so.

That’s where whole-house zone control comes into play. It’s all about dividing your house – for purposes of heating and cooling – into separate areas so you can enjoy full comfort in the areas currently occupied and save money elsewhere.

Programmable Thermostat | Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat

Reducing your monthly heating and cooling costs couldn’t be easier with Wi-Fi accessible programmable thermostats from Anthony’s. Here are just some of the features you’ll learn to live with quite comfortably:

  • Includes a variety of programs to suit your lifestyle
  • Learns your temperature cycle to deliver the right temperature when you want it
  • Automatically switches between heating and cooling to give you a comfortable temperature all the time
  • A downloadable app lets you connect to each thermostat from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection
  • Energy-saving function helps you save up to 33%

Does it sound complicated? Well, it isn’t. Plus, we’ll make sure you know how to use and adjust them once we’ve completed installation.

Live more comfortably and affordably…with Anthony’s. Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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