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Skip the Hassle. Just Call Anthony’s Plumbers.

Have you ever had to call multiple plumbers to “fix” the same problem – until one comes along that finally gets it right? In the meantime, you’ve paid for the service or plumbing repair two or more times. Nothing fun about that.

But then there are the hundreds of people who call Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning every month – and call us first. We don’t claim perfection, but with our upfront price and customer satisfaction guarantees, you can rest easy knowing there’s an experienced, local company always looking out for your best interests.

Plumbers Somerset | Plumbing Repair Somerset

Plumbing Annual Maintenance

The best repair is no repair at all. Hard not to agree, right?

That’s the whole idea behind annual plumbing maintenance. At Anthony’s we perform whole-house plumbing inspections that include these and many other steps:

  • Inspecting the following on the water heater:
    • Flushing
    • Water pressure
    • Thermal expansion
    • Relief valve
    • Leaks and corrosion
  • Ensuring proper water flow throughout your home
  • Checking toilets for leaks
  • Checking washing machine hoses, valves and drains
  • Inspecting all piping for leaks, proper installation, known faulty material (including lead) and other health and safety issues
  • Checking sump pumps and battery back-ups
  • Testing emergency shutoff valves

You get the idea – our plumbing inspections have as much to do with the safety of your home and family as they do about ongoing plumbing reliability.

There’s one slight problem, though. Sometimes, you see, people forget to call for service, thus increasing the likelihood of a future plumbing repair. Well, there’s another problem we’ve solved. Because by taking part in our Plumbing Service Agreement program, annual maintenance is included as part of your one low fee. Plus, your membership includes several key benefits. Click here to learn more.

Plumbing Repair

No doubt you’ve heard the saying: “When something can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

It’s true, and especially true of mechanical fixtures and systems – plumbing fixtures and systems at or near the top of the list. Yes, there’s plenty we can do to extend equipment life and reduce the likelihood of repair work, but eventually, built-up wear and tear will take its toll. And that’s one more time you can count on Anthony’s to come to your rescue. For your added peace of mind, we’re available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies.

We maintain, repair, and install all makes and models of these and other home plumbing:

  • Water heaters – tank-style and tankless
  • Water pipes
  • Gas connections
  • Sump pumps & back-up pumps
  • Backflow prevention valves
  • Garbage disposals
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Drain & sewer pipes
  • Sinks, tubs & showers
  • And all the rest

So, don’t let a problem get you down. Not when you have Anthony’s on your side to make matters right again.

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    Plumbers Somerset | Plumbing Repair Somerset

    Wow, Anthony’s service is amazing. Helped me on a late Saturday night in getting my heat back. Can’t thank them enough. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for the best of the best and great customer service.

    -Jeff C.

    Chris & Keith responded to install new water heater. Both were very professional and knowledgeable. The work was done in a timely fashion and we are very happy. Highly recommend Anthony’s plumbing!

    -Sue D.

    Easy to schedule an appointment, friendly and helpful staff who go above and beyond to make sure everything is working as it should.
    I highly recommend Anthony's

    -Olivia R