Water Heater Warning Signs

Imagine friends coming over for a visit and, out of nowhere, one of them asks: “So, how’s your water heater?” Here’s how you WOULDN’T reply: “I thought you’d never ask!”  Then again, your friend wouldn’t ask that question in the first place – it’s the kind of thing people discuss only when there’s a problem.… Continue reading Water Heater Warning Signs

5 Advantages of an Electric Water Heater

You’ve heard of the battle of the sexes, the clash of the titans and, if you’re old enough, even Spy vs. Spy. Well, there’s another longstanding rivalry that constantly plays itself: “gas vs. electric water heaters.”  Not terribly enticing, we admit, unless you’re about to replace your current water heater. Why might you choose electric… Continue reading 5 Advantages of an Electric Water Heater