Water heater maintenance: extending lifespan.
Extend water heater life with proper care

When you purchase a new item, especially one for  Water Heater everyday use, you want it to last for as long as possible. You also want to keep it in the best possible condition for longer-lasting reliability.

Your water heater is on that very list. In fact, the average lifespan of a storage tank system is 10-12 years. The day it’s installed, 10-12 years seems like a long way off. But time, as the saying goes, tends to fly by.

So, to receive maximum value from your water heater – brand new or already installed – just follow these proven maintenance tips, or ask Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air to do the job for you:

Add a second anode rod

Your water heater’s anode rod has one job: to protect the inner lining of your storage tank from corrosion. Adding a second anode rod doubles that protection and makes it less likely mineral-laden water can cause serious damage.

Add an expansion tank

Water expands when it’s heated which, in turn, can place added pressure on the system and result in premature failure. With the addition of an expansion tank, excess water in the tank will have somewhere to go, thus relieving pressure from the main tank.

Clean or flush the tank

Flushing your storage tank can help prevent sediment build-up which is another way to prevent internal corrosion.

Install a water softener

If you have a high mineral count in your water supply, you probably have hard water conditions. Hard water is much more likely to leave mineral deposits along the inside of the water heater tank and cut down its lifespan. A water softener can be installed to reduce the build-up of these deposits.

Give it space

There should be plenty of room around your water heater to enhance air circulation which in turn will prevent a fire.

Install a Pressure Regulating Valve

When water pressure exceeds 90 PSI, damage can result to all hot-water-using appliances, including your water heater. To help relieve that pressure, a special valve can be installed either on your main system or the expansion tank.

At Anthony’s, we also recommend annual preventive maintenance not just for your water heater, but all plumbing systems, fixtures, and pipes. It’s the best way we know of to keep problems at bay or catch them early to help minimize the cost and frequency of repair. Contact us today for the help you need to keep your household plumbing in top working order.