Most homeowners simply assume that their tap water is healthy enough to cook with and drink, but that’s not always the case. Even water that looks, tastes, and smells just fine can contain high amounts of impurities that can be potentially harmful to your health as well as your home’s plumbing and water-using appliances.

To determine if your household water could benefit from a water filtration system, review the scenarios below. If any of them apply to you, have your water tested to determine the best course of action.

Unpleasant Taste and Odor: The most noticeable sign that you need a water filtration system is bad tasting or smelling tap water, which can be caused by sediment, chemicals, metals, and other contaminants.

Discolored Water: If your water appears cloudy or otherwise discolored, it could indicate the presence of bacteria or high levels of minerals such as iron, manganese, and sulfur.

High Levels of Lead: Lead is a toxic heavy metal that can cause serious health problems. It can be caused by the decay of older fixtures or from the solder that connect pipes. Since you cannot see, taste, or smell lead in water, the only way to know for sure is to have the water tested.

Dingy Laundry, Dishes, and Fixtures: Can’t seem to get your dishes, glassware, fixtures, or laundry clean no matter what? Contaminants in water can stain anything you put into water-using appliances or surfaces that come into frequent contact with water like toilet bowls, sinks, and bathtubs.

Dry Skin and Hair: Hard water (water that contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium) can cause your hair and skin to become extremely dry and irritated after washing, no matter how much moisturizer and conditioner you use.

Frequent Plumbing Problems: Plumbing problems can occur for many reasons, but if your home’s water quality is poor, it can make them much more likely. Contaminated water can lead to more frequent drain clogs and even corrode pipes and fixtures.

If any of the above signs apply to you or you’re simply not satisfied with the quality of your tap water, it may be time to invest in a water filtration system. At Anthony’s, we can help you choose the right system for your home so you can enjoy the safe, clean, crystal-clear water you expect. Contact us today for a water quality test and free system proposal.