Every time you pour a glass of water, boil a pound of pasta, or wash your kid in the tub, you want to BELIEVE you have high quality water.  Either that, or you’re so confident that you do, it doesn’t even cross your mind.

While about 95% of all household water contains some degree of contamination, most of it is not harmful to your health. But that doesn’t mean it’s problem free.

Take hard water, for example, a condition marked by high levels of calcium and magnesium.  There are some clear indications of hard water, such as washed glasses with a milky haze, whitish scaly deposits on your faucets, whites that aren’t so white after washing them, and more.  There also are negative hard water affects you can’t readily notice, like damage to your water heater, water using appliances, and inside your water pipes.

The problems caused by hard water are not limited to plumbing and appliances.  Hard water affects laundry by necessitating increased detergent use, for example.  It also causes colors to fade along with reduced fabric life.  Bathing and showering in hard water also will dry out skin and hair.

There also are water contaminants that CAN harm you, like chlorine, radon, pesticides, and industrial waste.  Those at greatest risk include pregnant women, children, seniors and individuals with immune system problems.

Who needs a home water filtration system?  You do if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Hard water conditions
  • A metal taste to your water
  • Red or blue-green stains on porcelain fixtures, or reduced water pressure – all signs of acidic water
  • Water that smells funny
  • Any family health issues that can’t otherwise be explained

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