We live in a time when everyone is conscious of personal health and hygiene issues. With a global pandemic raging through our communities, how could we think otherwise? In response, we’re wearing masks, washing our hands multiple times a day, practicing social distancing, and taking other precautions.

However, when you think about it, measures like those mentioned above are short-term in nature. Do you really see yourself wearing a mask five years from now with no pandemic to worry about?  Probably not.

But what about lifestyle measures you can take now that are designed to last a lifetime, the kind that can promote improved health, regardless of what events are taking place around you?  Aren’t they at least worth considering – you know, like improving the quality of your home water supply?

City, or well, there’s always the chance for water contamination, especially from well water. The problem is, you can’t always tell when your water quality is subpar. While certain contaminants leave telltale signs, others don’t – at least not until health related issues appear from too much lead, arsenic, pesticides, and others.

That’s why more and more New Jersey families are turning to home water filtration to help fight off water-borne diseases and infections.

The water quality specialists at Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air can help relieve any water quality concerns you might have with either a whole-house or single-use water filter.  “Whole-house” speaks for itself, where every faucet and water-using appliance in your home produces the highest quality water.

Single-use water filters are most often installed under kitchen sinks and connect to dedicated countertop faucets. That way, you can drink and cook with the very best water while using regular tap water for cleaning, watering your plants, and other everyday tasks.

Either way, improved water quality is a great and consistent way to improve your health by reducing the risk of infection.

For more information and a free in-home water quality review, contact us today. Anthony’s is always ready to provide increased comfort, convenience – and yes, even personal wellness.