While basement flooding can occur at any time, spring is always when you need to be extra alert to the possibility, especially if your home or neighborhood is prone to such activity.

As with most things in life, preparation is the key to prevention, and nothing can help you better protect your home against water incursion than a combination of a sump pump and a back-up sump pump.

A main sump pump – properly installed and maintained – might be all the protection you ever need.  Then again, you can count on that since it runs on electrical power.  So, if you lose power, you lose the services of your sump pump until power is restored.

That’s why we further recommend supporting your pump with a back-up sump pump, of which there are two kinds:  battery and water powered.  While they both have their advantages, we typically recommend water powered pumps since there are no electrical or battery power issues to be concerned with.  All they need to operate is the water pressure from your main water supply line.

Here’s the best part:  a water-powered sump pump can remove more than 1,000 gallons of water per hour from your home.  And, unlike a battery-powered unit, a water-powered pump will run for as long as you need it to without interruption. What’s more, they typically require no maintenance and feature silent operation.

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