Most people know that when their water heater is leaking, it means bad news.

This minor nuisance can turn into a significant problem before you know it, so this is one repair task you don’t want to put off.

In fact, once you call Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air, we’ll schedule a service call so we can analyze the situation, see what needs to be done and, with your approval, repair or replace your water heater as needed.

Here are the most common causes of a leaking water heater, just so you have a better idea of what to expect.

The Cold and Hot Water Inlet and Outlet Connections

This is normally an easy fix, we’re happy to say.  Simply check the inlet and outlet pipes’ connections and see if they are loose. If so, tighten the connection with a wrench or, if you’re able, replace the faulty pipe. If not, Anthony’s can and will.

The Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve is responsible for monitoring the water temperature and pressure within the tank. If it becomes the source of a leak, you should be able to see water running down the side of your tank from the valve. Correcting the problem might require you to replace the valve or reduce the amount of water pressure inside the tank.

The Heater Drain Valve

The drain valve is also a standard but easy issue to repair. If water is leaking  from the valve, make sure the valve is shut tightly. If this watertight drain valve continues to leak, you may have to replace it entirely, but it’s not a big repair.

The Bottom of the Water Tank:

When sediment builds up in the bottom of a water tank for years and years, it will eventually corrode through the tank and begin to leak. When that happens, a water heater needs to be replaced as there’s no way to seal an inside-the-tank leak.  

While most families view their homes as endless sources of comfort and security, sometimes a home lets you know that all is not currently well and that one thing or another needs tending to. When that one thing has anything to with plumbing, heating, cooling, water filtration, or indoor air quality, the only call you need to make is to Anthony’s.  We work hard to exceed your expectations and live up to our hundreds of five-star reviews.