Sump pump being inspected in basement
Regular checks help maintain sump pump efficiency

Funny as this may sound, your sump pump – an essential home plumbing device for many – performs the exact opposite function of most other plumbing.  That’s because it removes water from your home rather than bringing it in and moving it around.

For one thing, that means it gets used less often than probably any other plumbing fixture or system you own. As such, it’s easy to forget about it…until, that is, torrential rains come your way. The question is, will it be up to the task the next time you need it?

To be sure, we encourage you to consider the following signs that indicate a sump pump may be on its way out:

Its age.

The normal effective lifespan of a sump pump is 10 years. If yours is at least that old, the prudent option is to have it professionally inspected to determine its fitness for even one more incursion of basement water.

“Listen to the music.”

Sump pumps have their own distinct humming/operating sound. Get used to the sound of yours so if, over time, it starts sounding choppy or erratic, you’ll know it needs to be inspected and perhaps repaired or replaced.

Keep an eye on water levels.

If, from one rain storm to the next, you notice water getting closer and closer to the top of the sump, it’s fair to assume your pump is no longer working up to its original capacity.

Remember this:  the reason you even have a sump pump is to protect your property and belongings from overflowing water. That’s reason enough to be proactive in keeping an eye on it and knowing when it’s time to request professional assistance.

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