Few things can send you into panic mode like the sight of rising water in a toilet. Even worse, such incidents rarely happen when you have nothing but time on your hands. Instead, it’ll be right before company is due, or just before you’re headed out to work.

And while we can’t promise that you’ll never face an over-flowing toilet again, we can promise that never flushing the following objects can greatly reduce the frequency.

Wipes – You might already know not to flush baby wipes down the toilet, but did you know that so-called flushable wipes and towelettes are also a big no-no? No matter the claim on the package, flushable wipes don’t disintegrate in water and can therefore lead to clogs and backed-up sewer lines.

Feminine Hygiene Products – Tampons and pads are designed to expand and hold fluids, which means they, too, won’t break down and dissolve when flushed. Wrap feminine hygiene products in toilet paper and toss in the garbage.

Paper Towels – Paper towels are never a good stand-in for toilet paper and should only be disposed of in the trash.

Condoms – Prophylactics can quickly clog a toilet and back up sewer lines, so be sure to dispose of them properly by wrapping in toilet paper and tossing them in the trash.

Cotton Swabs – Cotton swabs can get stuck in drainpipes, twist and bend, and catch anything else that may get flushed, resulting in a tough clog.

Dryer Sheets – Like many other items, dryer sheets aren’t designed to dissolve in water, so they don’t belong in the toilet. Plus, the various chemicals in dryer sheets can seep into the water system and end up fouling your drinking water.

Hair – Hair can act as a catch-all and trap anything else that gets flushed. When cleaning your hairbrush or cleaning out the tub or bathroom sink drain, wrap the wad of hair in toilet paper and – you guessed it – toss it in the garbage.

Floss – It’s important to floss twice a day for strong, healthy teeth and gums. And for healthy plumbing pipes, it’s important to throw floss in the trash instead of flushing it down the toilet.

Nothing’s perfect, right? Well, neither is proper flushing practices. So, should you be looking at a clogged toilet now or down the road, Anthony’s is always ready to help. Call for prompt, dependable service whenever the need presents itself.