A recent study reveals that, given the choice, Americans prefer showers over bathtubs. That trend seems to reflect busier lifestyles that allow for less “get ready” time.

Not that tubs and shower stalls can’t peacefully exist, mind you. But space doesn’t always allow for that luxury. So, if you had to choose one over the other, which would it be?

Hold that thought while we reveal what’s winning many of our customers to shower stalls:

Additional space, both inside and out. Bathtubs are clunky and take up extra space. A shower stall will free up some of that space and give your bathroom a bigger, more spacious appearance.

Ease of access. Conventional tubs require effort and leg-lifting to get in and out. A shower stall, by comparison, requires only a tiny step for greater ease of access.

Increased safety. Installing a new shower with non-slip tiles can help eliminate the risk of falling The added space also creates ample opportunities to add custom shower benches and grab bars for extra security.

At the same time, most real estate agents are adamant about maintaining at least one tub in your home. Maybe you don’t need one any longer, but the next owners of your home might.

How Anthony’s Can Help

At Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air, we can handle all aspects of your tub-to-shower conversion, including ripping out and disposing of your tub. We also give you multiple new shower options, including:

  • Glass enclosed or curtain accessible
  • Built-in shower bench
  • Built in light
  • One or multiple spray jets
  • Range of sizes and styles
  • Built-in shelving for shampoos and soaps
  • Round or rectangular shape
  • And more

For the shower you want at a price you can afford, contact Anthony’s today.