Does the “green living” bug bite you when you least expect it?

Don’t worry, it’s a common affliction with very distinctive symptoms: a continued push for smarter use of our natural resources, reduced energy consumption, plus lower energy costs.

We all get bitten; sometimes we even seek it out. Like today, for example. Did you locate this blog by chance or were you looking for yet one more way to make your home even more eco-friendly? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

For starters, consuming less electricity also reduces our oil consumption, both foreign and domestic. Sure, there will be an economic impact if, for example, you opt to switch out electric appliances for gas models. But here’s the difference – we have far greater reserves of natural gas than crude oil. And what does oil have to do with any of this? Oil is used in the production of electricity.

As for a positive economic impact on the home front, gas appliances cost about 75% less to operate than electric.

Here are some additional advantages of switching to gas appliances, stoves and washing machines, in particular:

  • Gas stoves provide more accurate cooking temperatures, which is why all the tops cooks and chefs use them.
  • Fast, even heat. Gas stoves get the job done faster. Whether you are sautéing, boiling, or frying, you will find that you will get it done quickly with a gas cooktop. The heat comes from the flame, so as soon as you turn on the burner, you are cooking. No need to wait for the burner to heat up.
  • No more over-cooking. It’s easy to burn food on an electric range once you turn off the burner but forget to remove the pan. With gas, once you turn off the flame, the item stops cooking.
  • Gas clothes dryers, on the other hand, conserve energy since gas, overall, is a more affordable alternative than electricity.
  • A gas dryer gets the job done in about half the time of an electric dry and produces less static cling.
  • They can keep clothes from wrinkling because gas dryers dissipate heat faster at the end of the cycle.

If nothing in your home is run by natural gas and yet there’s a gas main on your street, there’s more you can do with it, including heating your water and doing away with propane tanks for your outdoor grill.  And for each such usage, Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air can install the gas piping for you. Contact us today and make your green house a little greener still.