Festive decorations with face masks.
Enjoying the holidays safely.

The holiday season is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends, Stay Safe  decorate the house with sparkly lights, feast on delicious food, and simply enjoy this magical time of year. But all the hustle and bustle can also bring with it some unwanted accidents and injuries.



To avoid them, here are important holiday safety tips all homeowners should follow.

Fire Prevention

  • Keep a box or two of baking soda on hand to put out small kitchen fires.
  • Make sure all smoke alarms are working properly. Test them monthly and replace batteries twice in the spring and fall.
  • Do not leave food cooking or the stove or in the oven unsupervised.
  • Keep a household fire extinguisher nearby and familiarize yourself with how to use it properly.
  • Do not leave candles burning unattended and do not burn candles near flammable items. Better yet, switch to flameless LED candles.
  • Follow all instructions carefully when using a deep fryer and monitor it closely.

Kitchen Safety

  • Keep small children and pets away from the stove and oven. Better yet, try to make the kitchen a child and pet-free zone.
  • Do not leave the house while food is cooking.
  • Ensure the kitchen floor is kept clean and doesn’t have any spills or trip hazards.
  • Keep matches, lighters, candles and knives safely out of reach of small children.

Food Safety

  • Always wash your hands after handling raw or under-cooked meat, especially poultry.
  • Use separate cutting boards for produce and raw meat to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Use a meat thermometer and cook turkey to an internal temperature of 165 to 180 degrees to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.
  • Store leftovers in the fridge or freezer within 2 hours or dispose of them.

Pet Safety

  • Turkey and chicken bones should never be given to pets because they can splinter and cause them to choke.
  • Dogs should be kept away from any dish that has leeks, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, or chocolate. These foods can be hazardous to your dog’s health.
  • Avoid decorating with fruit or vegetable-like items as they can tempt pets.

Travel Safety

  • Buckle up for every trip, every time.
  • Make sure your vehicle is road-trip ready prior to heading out.
  • Plan your route ahead of time; check traffic and weather forecasts.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car. Include road flares and warm blankets should you get stranded.
  • Take caution in parking lots while out shopping.
  • Don’t text and drive.
  • Never drink and drive. Always assign a designated driver or call for a ride if you must consume alcohol.

At Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating, & Air, your family’s safety and comfort is our top priority. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.