You’ve seen it before. A movie scene shot in slow motion for added emphasis. Or, if you’re a sports fan – hard not to be in our neck of the woods – you’ve love them. And that is slow motion instant replays, sometimes from every single angle as what happens in a football game to check whether a running back has crossed into first down territory.

The point being that sometimes slow motion is fun. And sometimes it’s agonizing. You know, like when you have low water pressure.

The key to solving the problem rests with knowing what causes low water pressure in the first place. Here are several common factors – each one of which we can repair or otherwise assist you with.

Debris and mineral deposit buildups

If you notice low water pressure from just one or two fixtures, the problem may be caused by a mineral build-up inside your pipes. Water is full of minerals and other debris, all of which can accumulate in your pipes and on your fixtures. This can cause a blockage that affects how much water flows through. We can clear, repair and, when necessary, replace your pipes. We can also remove nearly all mineral deposits with a whole-house water softener.

Faulty fixtures

Once again, if the problem is confined to one or two fixtures, faulty fixtures may be to blame. The aerator on a faucet fixture – just as one example – is designed to reduce the volume of water coming from your faucet without altering the pressure. Over time, aerators can get bogged down with dirt and limestone build-up or rust over.

Water leaks

If water is flowing out of your plumbing through a hole or crack before it can reach your fixture, water pressure will be reduced. For that and several other reasons, water leaks should be reported and tended to in the earliest possible stages of discovery.

A valve issue

If you have low water pressure throughout your home, check your main shut-off valve to make sure it’s fully open. You may also want to see if there’s a pressure-reducing valve installed. If so, we can adjust the settings to deliver just the right amount of pressure for you and your family.

Others using water

Believe it or not, low water pressure could be caused by your neighbors. If, for example, you notice low pressure at certain times of day, perhaps your next door neighbors have a similar schedule – when everyone is showering, washing clothes, and washing dishes at the same time. If that’s the case, call your water utility company for assistance.

Anthony’s to the Rescue

And now for the good news.  Low water pressure isn’t something you need to live with. The highly qualified plumbers on our team have the knowledge, skill, and resources to reset your water pressure to “just right.” Contact us today to schedule service!