Have you ever thought of your  Heating System  the way you might a long-distance runner?  Well, despite the fact the former is mechanical while runners are decidedly human, its’ not that far-fetched of a comparison.

Consider, for example, that if a marathon runner is not fully prepared, Heating System he or she could easily collapse long before the finish line, or simply not have enough left in the tank to finish the race.  In its own way, your furnace or boiler needs to be properly prepped for an extremely long run, starting usually sometime in October and extending into early to mid-May.

In fact, heating system manufacturers recommend annual tune-ups and inspections even on brand new systems to help them perform at peak efficiency, all winter long.

At Anthony’s, we have the training, skill, and experience to prepare your home heating system for whatever lies ahead.  And we do that through our multi-point tune-up and inspection service.

Here’s how that benefits you:

  • Annual maintenance can help prevent or minimize repair problems.
  • A well-tuned system runs more efficiently, and that means lower utility bills.
  • Annual maintenance also helps extend the effective lifespan of your furnace or boiler.
  • By keeping your system in top working order, you can cut your heating related utility costs by up to 25%!

What’s more, Anthony’s maintains and repair all types of heating systems, plus all makes and models.  These are just a few of the steps we employ in our boiler (hydronic heating system) tune-up and inspection process (we follow different steps for furnace preventative maintenance):

  • Inspect & clean all burners & burner box
  • Check draft & flue piping
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Inspect ignition & starting operations
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Inspect return vents
  • Check all operating pressures
  • And more

So be on the safe side and contact Anthony’s today to request our heating system preventative maintenance service.  Winter can be so much relaxing with it, and so more “adventurous” without.