Woman using handrail in shower
Stay Safe: Use handrails & non-slip mats

You read a lot these days about bathroom safety for seniors and small children. There are two sides to that coin.

Side one: Seniors and small children are the two age groups most prone to bathroom mishaps and injuries.

Side two: No one is immune from bathroom related accidents.

One of the more common bathroom “adventures” occurs when the water suddenly turns hot – really hot – while you’re taking a shower. The experience typically lasts only a few seconds but it’s long enough to result in scalding. Plus, the suddenness of it could cause you to lose your balance and fall.

What causes shower temperature fluctuations?

When a toilet is flushed, cold water flows into the tank and, as a result, lowers the water pressure in cold-water pipes. If someone is taking a shower at the same time, reduced cold water pressure can suddenly and drastically increase water temperature in the shower.

Anti-scald valves sense and correct for the sudden loss of cold water from a showerhead. That means added safety and more of what you take a shower for – comfort and convenience.

More bathroom safety features

  • Anti-slip tub or shower floor mats
  • Anti-slip flooring, such as rubber or non-glazed tile
  • Grab bars in and around the tub or shower
  • Grab bars next to the toilet
  • Hi-seat toilets so seniors don’t have to stoop as low, and have an easier time standing back up
  • Bathtub benches
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Hand-held shower head, which reduces the amount of turning and twisting
  • Child-proof locks on all lower cabinets and anywhere else medicines and household cleaners are kept

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