Selecting a home heating company when you suddenly lose heat is easy…you look for someone who can come out right away and accepts your chosen credit card. Later, you hold your breath and hope you made the right decision.

But let’s say you’re a planner.  Someone who recently moved into your home and you want a reliable heating and cooling company you can turn to when the need arises.  How then would you go about your selection process?

Here are some helpful tips that will help get you started.    

  1. Licensed and insured. Unless you like living on the edge and you’re okay with hiring a moonlighter, look first to see if a company is state licensed and carries all the right insurance coverages for their sake and yours.

  2. Offers the services you need. Not all heating companies are created equal.  Some specialize in furnaces but don’t work on boilers. Others work on furnaces and boilers but don’t have the training to repair or install radiant heating.  Find the company that offers all the services you need, even if you don’t need them all at the same time.  

  3. Guarantees and assurances. For greater peace of mind, you want a company that provides a written quote before they start the job.  Reputable companies also will guarantee their work, provide emergency service, keep their technicians up-to-speed on new technologies, and generally show evidence of a customer-first mentality.

  4. Good reviews? More and more, we’re making purchasing decisions at least partially based on a company’s review status. Look for trends, not exceptions. For example, one or two negative reviews out of scores or even hundreds of positive reviews should not unduly influence you. Some people are hard, if not impossible, to please.

  5. Service territory.  Just because a heating company says they’ll come to your house doesn’t mean you’re in their prime territory.  You want to be perceived as an important customer, not someone who’s being extended a favor.

If you’re in the process of searching for a reputable Central New Jersey heating service provider, we invite you to take a closer look at Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We’re confident we’ll meet all your criteria, and then some. We’re equally confident we’ll meet or exceed your expectations, regardless of your home comfort service need.

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