Static electricity is both a fascinating scientific phenomenon and an annoying fact of life. Static charges can build along surfaces under certain conditions and discharge to the touch. The resulting shock is often harmless, but annoying and sometimes painful. Static electricity also can harm sensitive electronic equipment.

Here’s how to keep static electrical shock at bay:

Humidify the Air

The drier the air, the greater the opportunity for static electrical build-up. Buying or adding to your supply of indoor plants is one way to increase greater indoor humidity. So is not using the fan while taking a shower and drying at least some of your laundry by hanging certain items over non-wood chairs or on tables.

Wear Natural Fibers

Clothes made from synthetics are more prone to static cling than those made from natural fibers.

Wear Leather-Soled Shoes

Rubber-soled shoes work as insulators, which means that they end up keeping a lot of built up electricity in the body. Leather is a much more porous surface, so as you walk around, you’ll be not only collecting electrons, but releasing them as well, keeping your charge more balanced.

Use Anti-Static Hand Lotion

If you’re prone to dry skin, use an anti-static hand lotion to help prevent shocking yourself when you least expect it.

Cover Synthetic Sofas with a Sheet

Microfiber and polyester are popular sofa fabrics because they’re easy to clean. But they’re also synthetic, which means they’re more prone to static buildup. To stop getting shocked by static every time you get up from the sofa, run a dryer sheet over it daily or cover it with a sheet made from natural fibers. Or use the homemade anti-static spray below.

Purchase Ant-Static Mats & Products

You can purchase mats, wristbands, heal straps and conductive shoes along with anti-static sprays that can reduce static buildup while preventing accidental discharges.

Carry a Coin or Other Metal Object

Since static shocks happen when opposite charges jump between you and metal objects, you can use a coin to transfer those charges painlessly. Keep a coin, key, or paperclip in your pocket and occasionally touch it to metal objects to discharge static that’s built up on your body. Voila, no more painful shocks.

Is the problem severe and constant enough to warrant a broader solution? If so, Anthony’s has just the thing: a whole-house humidifier. It works in tandem with your furnace to heat and humidify your home simultaneously. In addition to reducing static electrical shock, you’ll witness reduced energy costs, less itching and scratching, and more restful nights. To learn more, contact Anthony’s today. We are your local indoor air quality specialists.