In some homes, heat so easily escapes outdoors that its occupants are tempted to jump out a window after it. Kind of a drastic step, and one we don’t recommend.

What we do recommend is discovering and employing practical ways to prevent heat loss and reduce your utility costs at the same time. The result will be a more comfortable, cozy, and less expensive fall and winter.

  • Seal windows and doors Air leaks around windows and doors are the most common culprit for losing heat. Inspect them for drafts and, if you can feel them coming in, there’s also room for heat to escape. Re-caulk or replace your window caulking and apply additional or new weather stripping to your exterior doors.
  • Storm windows and doors – These are two potentially big energy and money savers. In fact, they can reduce heating & cooling costs by as much as 15%. Double glazed and thermo-pane windows or even clear plastic across windows can minimize heat & cooling escape.
  • Attic insulation – No big surprise here – heat rises. Sometimes, depending on the quality and amount of insulation, it can rise through your ceilings, into the attic, and out to the wild blue yonder. Repair, replace, or add insulation where needed. And remember: floor insulation should be at least 6” thick and cover the entire surface of the floor. Also consider having spray foam insulation added to your attic walls.
  • Let the sunshine in – One way to prevent heat loss is to allow more heat to enter. And just about the best way to do that is open window treatments during the day on sun-facing windows. Glass acts as a heat conductor, even during the winter.
  • Wall insulation – While estimates vary, roughly 45% of heat loss occurs through your outside facing walls. Do you even know if those walls are insulated? If you don’t know, maybe it’s time for a home energy audit, one that also could reveal the need for insulated outlets and switches.  Yes, heat can escape there too.
  • Fireplace doors – Your fireplace opening is so large that, if not secured, it might as well have a sign welcoming heat from entering and then exiting out the chimney. Or, you can take that “sign” down by having your fireplace opening covered with airtight glass doors.

And now it’s our turn – Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air. We can help improve heating efficiency with annual boiler or furnace preventive maintenance. It’s a service designed to heat your home more efficiently, lower repair frequency, and provide enhanced family safety. Contact us today to schedule service, especially if it’s been a year or longer since service was last provided.