As summer winds down and we look forward to the cooler temps, crisp morning air, and scenic foliage of autumn, it’s time to thank our central air conditioning system for a job well done and give it some well-deserved time off. But that doesn’t mean we simply switch the thermostat to off and say “see you next June!”. In fact, following just a few simple maintenance tips can help ensure your home’s air conditioning system is prepped for the cooler weather ahead and ready to tackle another cooling season once summer rolls back around.

Clean or replace air filter. Similar to the air filter in your car that keeps components running smoothly and efficiently, your AC filter works hard to keep dirt, dust, allergens, and other particles out of the air you breathe. A dirty, clogged filter makes your AC system work harder than it should, which can lead to premature repairs and reduced equipment life.

Check the thermostat. If you have an older mechanical-style thermostat, now if the perfect time to switch to a programmable model or a WiFi-enabled smart thermostat. No more cooling (and eventually, heating) an unoccupied home; simply program the system to raise or lower the temp so your home is inviting and comfortable when you need it. And regardless of the type of thermostat you have, check that it responds properly to settings and keeps your space at the desired temps.

Maintain area around the outside unit. The condenser, the outside component of a central air system, should have plenty of room to breathe. Keep plants, shrubs, and any other vegetation at least two feet away all the way around. Inspect the area periodically for any sticks, leaves, and debris that may accumulate.

Clean interior vents. Dust or vacuum all vents to help maximize air flow and improve the overall quality of the air inside your home. Avoid covering floor vents and register with furnishings, carpets, and drapes, no matter the season.

Schedule preventative maintenance. You kept meaning to schedule your AC system inspection but something always got in the way. Might as well wait for next spring, right? Wrong – there is still plenty of time to have this important system maintained, as long as the outdoor temperature is above 60 degrees F for at least three consecutive days. Preventive maintenance catches minor issues before they become major, costly repairs, helps the system operate at max efficiency, and extends equipment life.

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