Spending more time indoors during the winter is a recipe for inertia. And inertia, in itself a bad habit, leads to even more bad habits.

Not that reading, knitting, playing board games and other such activities are bad things.  In fact, they all help stimulate the brain.  But what about your confined body?  It needs a workout too and other methods to help keep you in the peak of fitness, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Here are a handful of tips from healthy conscious pros to help you make the most of the indoor season.

Vitamin supplements: Vitamin D helps the body stave off infections, decrease joint pain, control blood sugars, and may even help prevent certain cancers. Vitamin D also compensates for less sunlight and less exposure to the limited amount available during Standard Time.

Eat Healthy Soups:  Warm up with healthy winter soup recipes. Soup doesn’t have to be rich and creamy to be satisfying. Healthy soups include, lentil, pumpkin, slow-cooker French onion, chicken noodle, butternut squash, and many others.

Wash your hands. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe from seasonal viruses is simple hand washing, several times a day. Roll up your sleeves, lather up and scrub all over before rinsing thoroughly. Do this after every trip to the restroom and before every meal and reap the health rewards of practicing good hygiene!

Regular Exercise:  If you’re on a tight schedule, get up a little earlier to get in at least a twenty-minute workout.  Treadmill, floor mat, aerobics…you don’t need much equipment or space to keep your body moving.

Plants: The more time you spend indoors, the more remote nature becomes. So why not add a few house plants to brighten things up. You’ll also have a new or expanded hobby. Plus, certain house plants are known for removing bacteria and other contaminants from the air.  These include Boston Ivy, Aloe Vera, Spider Plants, and several other.

Hot showers also work wonders, and in a number of ways. They help lower stress, soothe sore muscles, reduce blood pressure, produce better quality sleep, and more. So, if your water heater isn’t acting up to par, contact Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for the best in water heater service, repair, and new system installation.  We won’t leave you out in the cold…promise!