What’s not to enjoy about having a clean house?  It looks, smells, and feels better, and you’re ready just about any time for company without the worry of inviting them into a total mess.

Still, the cleaning doesn’t take care of itself. Someone has to do it, and if that someone is you – well, let us guess. Cleaning the bathroom is your least favorite of all.

But don’t despair – with these cleaning shortcuts you can achieve the same sparkling-clean results with less time and effort spent getting the job done.

Be Prepared

Designate a place in or near your bathroom to stock cleaning supplies like microfiber cloths, glass cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, and anything else you might need. You’ll be more likely to wipe down the sink after you brush your teeth if the right spray bottle and cloth are within easy reach.

Two Birds, One Stone

Many disinfectants and cleaning products work best when given time to “sit”, which also means less time spent scrubbing.  It even makes sense to spray down the tub and tub surround, take a shower, and then wipe it down. Next, you can remove grime and mineral deposits from your shower head by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and securing it around the shower head with an elastic band. Leave it on overnight, then rinse and wipe the shower head clean in the morning.  Here’s another time saver: prevent ring-around-the-tub by wiping it down with a terrycloth towel after each use.

Clear the Decks

No matter how long you scrub the bathtub or polish the fixtures, a bathroom won’t look or feel clean if the counter is cluttered and your floor is a mess. First, keep your vanity counter, toilet tank lid, and other surfaces clear of accumulated “stuff”.  Put skin and hair care products away after each use, pick up items off the floor, and refold hand and bath towels. Any time you have an extra minute, use a handheld vacuum on the floor to pick up hair, dust bunnies, and dirt. That will make mopping a much simpler task.

You know what else makes a bathroom look clean and shiny? Nice new faucets for your sink and shower plus other plumbing replacements like converting your tub to a shower or replacing your toilet with one that better matches your decorating taste. For more information or a free proposal on bathroom plumbing upgrades, contact Anthony’s today.