During a time when so many people are juggling busy schedules and coping with worry, stress, and overall challenges of daily life, DIY activities can provide a bit of respite from the storm. In fact, in addition to being good for the budget, taking on home projects can also have lasting positive effects on your mental and physical health.

Read on to learn how tackling a few DIY projects around your home can benefit your mind, body, and soul.

 1. Unplug From Devices

Living in a constantly connected world certainly has it’s perks, but it can also lead to over-consumption of social media, make being in the moment challenging, and have negative effects on our mental health. Taking on a DIY project is a great way to disconnect and focus on the mental and physical demands of the task at hand.

 2. Work With Your Hands

Building shelter, forging tools, and growing food were just some of the tasks generations before us did on a regular basis. And while modern technology has certainly made life more efficient and convenient, it has also eliminated the need for us to toil with our hands. Psychologists believe that activities that involve the use of our hands, such as gardening and building, play a crucial role in preventing and managing depression and other emotional disorders.

 3. A Sense of Accomplishment

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing and enjoying the fruits of your labor. When you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into a project, your work becomes a part of you and you experience the pride and satisfaction of living in an environment that you helped create.

 4. Builds Perseverance

It’s not uncommon to run into unexpected roadblocks during a home improvement or repair project. As such, DIYers need to become resilient problem solvers who can step back, take a deep breath, and change course when necessary. This ability can carry over to other parts of life both at work and at home where flexibility is important.

 5. Increased Self-Reliance

If you dislike having to rely on others, then it may be time to roll up your sleeves and challenge yourself to learn a new skill. As your DIY and home improvement abilities grow, so does your confidence and self-reliance.

 6. Promotes Bonding

Whether it’s with your sibling, partner, or a child, embarking on a DIY project together can bring people closer and strengthens relationships. Combining strengths, swapping ideas, helping each other, and sharing a mutual goal fosters a sense of teamwork and pride in the finished project.

 7. A Welcome Distraction

Running a busy household means constant worry and stress, making it difficult to take a break from day-to-day life and focus entirely on something else. Although it’s important to keep things running smoothly, it’s even more important to find ways to manage stress and worry and prevent feeling burnt out. A DIY project can provide that welcome distraction.

 8. Good for the Body

If you sit at a desk five days a week, you know how important (yet challenging) it is to find time to move and stay active. While certain DIY projects are more physically taxing than others, many require movements such as squatting, lifting, reaching, or digging – all of which can improve strength, mobility, and coordination.

If you’re handy enough, there are numerous home repair and improvement projects you can learn and tackle on your own. With that said, many projects are beyond the skill level of the average homeowner and should always be done by professionals. Otherwise, you may have to pay someone else to come out and fix it, or worse, suffer property damage or serious injury. When it comes to your homes’ plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, don’t take chances. Call the experienced pros at Anthony’s to get the job done right the first time.