What are some things you’re positive will fail – or erode in some other fashion – without routine maintenance? Your car, for sure, or any other type of motor vehicle. And then there’s your landscaping, painted walls, kitchen and bathroom sink drains, and a whole long list besides that. But here’s the question of the moment: does your list include your home heating system?  If not, we’re going to give you four very good reasons why it should: 

  1. Improved operating efficiency. Without regular maintenance, all kinds of things can and do go wrong with your furnace. Filters get dirty and clogged, electrical connections loosen, and other parts need lubricating.  That makes your system work longer and harder to do the same job.  And that drives up your heating costs while increasing the likelihood of costly repairs.
  2. Longer system lifespan. The better you take care of your furnace, the longer it’s going to last. It that sense, it’s no different than your car, lawn mower, AC system, or anything else mechanical.
  3. Added safety. When a supply of fuel is not completely burned (combusted), carbon monoxide is the result. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide is odourless, and the consequences of CO emissions can be hazardous to your health. While we’re inspecting your furnace, we’ll check for any signs of CO or gas leaks and act appropriately should we spot them.
  4. Added comfort. We also check for hot and cold spots, meaning, is your system providing equal amounts of warm air throughout your home, as it should be? If not, we’ll recommend the necessary corrections.

If you’re comfortable with cutting your lawn every 10 days vs. every 7, a neighbour or two might roll their eyes while you’re not looking but, in the end, you’re not hurting anyone. But if you go more than one year without having your heating system thoroughly inspected, you will eventually hurt yourself…right in the wallet. Contact Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air today, and leave the care of your furnace or boiler to us.