Closing day has come and gone and the house is yours – congrats! Whether it’s your first or your fifth, there’s still bound to be a mix of emotions – from joy and anticipation to feeling a bit overwhelmed just thinking about all the unpacking, organizing, and decorating just waiting to get done.

Yet before you start filling up those shelves and closets and picking out paint swatches, there are a few tasks you should tackle right away – some before spending a single night in your new home.

  • Change your address. Make sure to update your address with the U.S. Postal Service, banks, credit card companies, cell phone providers, and any other companies that send you bills and pertinent mail on a regular basis. Don’t forget those occasional notifications either – like memberships to a private pool, high school reunion announcements, and others.
  • Transfer utilities. On the day of your closing, contact the electric and natural gas companies to ensure a smooth transition with no interruption of service. Don’t forget extras like internet, cable TV or a streaming service.
  • Change exterior locks. You don’t know who the previous owner may have given spare keys to. So, be safe and have all locks re-keyed or, for an added measure of safety, replace the hardware.
  • Check and label the breaker panel. Make sure each breaker is properly labeled so you’re not fumbling around in the dark in the event one trips.
  • Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Don’t assume the previous owners replaced the batteries; put new batteries in all detectors and test them to ensure they will work properly when needed.
  • Deep clean before unpacking. Sterilize bathrooms, wipe down cabinet shelves, drawers, and counters, sweep and mop the floors, and dust closets.
  • Organize paperwork. Set up a binder with important paperwork such as appliance and equipment manuals and warranties, repair invoices and details of the work completed, and service contracts for easy access when you need them.
  • Check air filters. Unless you know for a fact that the previous owner just had the HVAC systems serviced and filters changed, replace yours upon moving in to help keep them in top working order while ensuring cleaner air is pouring from your vents.
  • Create an emergency plan. Purchase a fire extinguisher for each level of your new home and draft a fire escape plan for your family to follow in the event of a home fire. Keep a first-aid kit fully stocked and easily accessible to treat common bumps and bruises.

You know what no regular pre-closing inspections include? A video camera inspection of your sewer and drain lines. Sure, the faucets might be flowing per normal, toilets flushing as if they were new – but that doesn’t mean trouble isn’t brewing where you can’t see it. A small crack in a sewer line, for example, can lead to a total sewer blockage, and that’s an expensive repair (if not replacement) job. Take our advice and add a sewer video inspection to your inspection checklist. Anthony’s has the equipment and skill to do it right.