Causes of a Rocking Toilet

There are several potential problems that could be to blame for a rocking toilet. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as tightening a screw, but other times the problem goes deeper than that. The longer an unstable toilet is left to rock back and forth with use, the more likely you are to have extra damage to deal with. It’s possible to troubleshoot a rocking toilet on your own, but if you want to be sure and resolve it efficiently and quickly, contact Anthony’s for a job done well – the first time.

As for probable causes, consider the following:

  • Flange bolts are loose. These are the bolts that hold the toilet down at an even level with the bathroom floor. Usually, these bolts are covered with plastic caps that match the color of the toilet to help prevent a potential eyesore.
  • Flange is damaged. When the flange is damaged, a rocking toilet is typically accompanied by other unfortunate symptoms, like leaking at the base and foul odors. These problems, unpleasant enough on their own, can cause long-term damage, adding yet another reason to deal with a rocking toilet immediately.
  • Flange incorrectly installed. A poorly installed flange might be a little more difficult to spot than one that’s obviously broken. When correctly installed, it’s perfectly flush with the bathroom floor. This allows it to remain tight for as long as you own it. Still, if your bathroom was recently remodeled and accompanied by a newly rocking toilet, the flange may need to be adjusted to line up with the new floor.
  • Problem with the floor. While you’re searching for the cause, be sure to use a level to determine the evenness of the floor. Previous or current issues with leaking can cause the floor to deteriorate, which may also lead to an uneven surface.

Need a Helping Hand?

Home repairs – like plumbing – are not everyone’s cup of tea. If that includes you, then don’t put yourself through the aggravation. Instead, wash your hands of the problem and call Anthony’s for service and a resolution you can depend on, just like always.