Weightlifters work hard and often struggle to lift even more weight over their heads. Piano students practice and struggle to prepare themselves for their next recital or audition. To some students, straight As come easily. Others struggle through hours of homework to achieve comparable results.

But your AC system shouldn’t need to struggle to do the primary job it was designed for – keeping you and your family cool and comfortable all summer long. The problem is, some systems often do because obstacles are thrown in their way, thus making their jobs ever more difficult.

So, to help keep your central air system operating at peak performance, we urge you to practice these self-help steps:

  • Clean or replace your filter about every 8 weeks – after a while, you’ll learn from your filter’s performance the frequency with which it should be cleaned or replaced.
  • Keep weeds and shrubs away from your outdoor condensing unit so it can properly vent indoor heated air.
  • Routinely hose down – or use a spray solution and scrub brush – to clean the coils on your outside condensing unit.
  • Keep an eye on your indoor air handler for water leaks or ice formation.
  • Keep window treatments and all other obstructions away from registers and vents.
  • Switch to programmable thermostats so you can take some pressure off your system when one or more rooms are not in use. That also means having a multi-zoned house.
  • Install one or more ceiling fans so you can enjoy all the comfort you want at higher temperature settings. That’s because the fan pushes cool air back down to your living spaces, thus requiring less cool air from your AC system.

Anthony’s Can Help

A very significant way to keep your AC system from struggling is through annual preventive maintenance performed by your local HVAC and plumbing pros and Anthony’s. With an annual tune-up and inspection by one of our skilled technicians, you can look forward to smoother operation, fewer and less costly repairs, longer equipment life, plus lower utility bills. So don’t wait – contact Anthony’s today and help keep your AC system from struggling to keep you cool.