Talk about advertising claims that, technically speaking, are true but only in a limited sense. You know, the kind of semi-false claims meant more to deceive than inform.

Well, “flushable wipes” is one such claim. In a very narrow sense, they ARE flushable, meaning you can literally press down on the toilet handle and send a wipe on its way.  Just as you can a disposable diaper, paper towel, small doll, a set of false teeth, tube of toothpaste, and so much more. Meaning, just because you CAN flush them doesn’t mean you should.

Just ask a plumber – you know, people like us – if flushing a so-called flushable wipe is a good idea. Then we’ll tell you how many times we’ve found they’re the cause of a clogged toilet where we found them stuck and piled onto each other inside drain pipes. And, depending on exactly where the clog is located, it can cost a pretty penny to unclog it.

Wipes – flushable or otherwise – can flood your basement after creating clumps in combination with paper and grease. That, in turn, causes sewage and wastewater levels to rise and overflow.

Just like always, toilet paper is the only man-made object that should be flushed. It’s designed to dissolve quickly, therefore rendering it far less likely to cause a drain obstruction.

So where should a flushable wipe be disposed of? In the garbage, of course.

If our advice is a little late and you’re currently facing a clogged drain problem, contact Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air. Whatever it takes, we’ll get the job done, and to your complete satisfaction.