Year after year, your AC system works like a dog to keep you cool and comfortable.  Maybe that’s why they call them the “dog days of summer”?

Anyway, what’s an AC system’s reward for a lifetime of effort?  A quick trip to a metal recycling center.

Is that day now or just around the corner?  It might be if you observe any of the systems commonly associated with advanced system wear and tear.

  • The system won’t engage. Yes, this could be the end of a long, beautiful relationship, but it could also be something far simpler like a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. The problem also could stem from a faulty thermostat.
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your house. If your AC system was correctly sized and installed, you should experience an even distribution of cool air from one room to another.  But things can change over time, especially if your system has not been properly maintained.
  • Noisy operation: Ah, remember the good ol’ days when your system was whisper quiet?  But now it’s noisy as all get out.  Well, any number of factors could account for that, including a broken fan belt or blade, or air ducts that are alternately contracting and expanding.
  • Sky high utility bills: If you’ve become fearful of opening your electricity bills, your system is definitely on a straight path to its final resting place. You can wait until it completely fails or replace it now and start saving instantly on your monthly electricity bill.

Whatever might be the underlying problem, Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air can accurately diagnose it and recommend one or more optional courses of action. Bottom line, you can count on us to recommend what’s best for your home and budget. Contact us today for the AC, heating, or plumbing service you need.