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Would you wash your clothes in muddy water?  Pour chlorine into a glass of water before drinking it?  Run the dishwasher knowing your glasses will come out with a milky haze all over them?

Not on purpose, of course.  But if your home water supply has more than acceptable levels of contaminants, you are, in effect, doing the same thing.

That’s why if you even wonder about the quality of your home water supply, it makes great sense to contact Anthony’s so we can test your water supply and conform or put your worries to rest.

Common Water Quality Problems

water-treatmentHow would you even know if you had a water quality problem?  Here are a few of the most common symptoms:

Hard Water – Common indicators include white scaly deposits on your faucets and shower door, whites that turn yellow in the wash, fading colors, plus dull, dry skin after showering.

Acidic Water – A blue-green stain on freshly washed laundry is a leading indicator.  You might notice that same color stain inside your sink or toilet bowl.  Acidic water also can leach unhealthy levels of metal ions – such as lead, manganese, and copper – into your fresh water supply.

Excess Iron – An abundance of iron in your water will likely leave brown stains in your toilet bowl and on your laundry.

Chemical Contamination – Excess levels of radon, industrial waste, chlorine, nitrates, and other chemicals simply aren’t good for you health.  They can also be difficult to detect.

Whole-House Water Filter

At Anthony’s, we have the right water filtration solution for every size home and budget.  The simplest and most affordable is an under-sink water filter that will provide the cleanest and healthiest possible water for drinking, cooking and cleaning purposes.

For a more comprehensive solution, we also offer whole-house water filtration and softening systems.

And yet it all starts with a lab test of your home water supply.  To ensure you have water fit to consume, contact Anthony’s today to schedule an in-home consultation.