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Clogged Drain | Clogged Sewer

At Times Like This, You Need an Experienced and Fully-Equipped Drain Cleaner.

If you’re currently faced with a clogged sewer or drain problem – and time is of the essence – give us a call.  At Anthony’s, we’re more than up to the task.

If you have an extra minute or two, we invite you to take a closer look at some of our sewer and drain services:

  • sewers-drainsSewer and drain line snaking is often enough to clear up a clog. Our mechanical equipment can reach far deeper into the line than the kind of snake typically found at local home centers.  While parts of the clog will break up and flush down the drain, we’re able to remove the rest to prevent a repeat episode.
  • In-pipe video inspection enables us to identify the exact location, cause, and extent of the problem. That helps to speed up the repair and usually saves you money.
  • High-pressure water jetting picks up where snaking leaves off. It allows us to clear whatever’s inside the clogged drain line from one end to the other, including any grease that might be stuck to the inside walls of your pipe.
  • Excavation services. The older your pipes, the more likely they are to corrode, spring leaks, and even break. When that happens, we can repair or replace a drain pipe, digging up as little of your lawn as needed.  The latter is made possible by our underground clog location equipment.
  • We also carry and recommend Bio-Clean liquid drain cleaning liquid for regular applications. It’s an organic product that’s more effective than supermarket drain cleaning liquids…Bio-Clean is better for the environment and, because it contains no chemicals, won’t damage the inside of your pipes.  Contact Anthony’s today if you’d like to order a supply of Bio-Clean for your dual drain maintenance and cleaning purposes.
  • If your drain clog was formed by tree or shrub roots that infiltrated your underground pipes, we may also recommend a treatment of RootX. This organic product can kill those roots without harming the plants themselves.  RootX can only be applied by a licensed plumber.

Anthony’s:  ready for the simplest or toughest of sewer and drain problems.  Contact us for service today.