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Today’s Drip Could Become Tomorrow’s Cascade

Your kitchen faucet is leaking. “Fine, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” That’s a common enough reaction because chances are no actual harm will come from waiting one more day – except for the water you’ll waste.

But what about when you open the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink and see a small amount of water near the front edge but can’t see where it’s coming from? Chances are you’ll start emptying that cabinet looking for something to explain the mishap. What do you find? A lot more water towards the back of the cabinet. Now are you ready to act?


Here’s a two-stage solution to help ensure your peace of mind.

Electronic Leak Detection

Certain water leaks don’t need a “water detective” to figure out where they’re coming from. As such, you either repair it yourself or contact Anthony’s if the repair seems to be beyond your comfort level.

But what about the water leaks that aren’t so easily detected until you notice certain types of damage – like a stained ceiling, a damp spot on a carpet over a concrete slab, water stains on the floor behind your refrigerator. Did these leaks just start? You don’t know. Are they water leaks or something else? You don’t know. Are there even more symptoms and damage than what you can already see? Once again, you don’t know…

…until you contact the water leak detection specialists at Anthony’s. With our electronic leak detection equipment, we can pinpoint the source of water leaks without breaking through walls, digging up floors, or making a mess of your lawn. Plus, we can detect exactly what’s going on, how extensive the problem might be, and go about getting things back to normal that much quicker.

And isn’t that exactly what you want us to do?

We Repair Water Leaks – Whatever it Takes

Once a water leak has been pinpointed and verified as being just that, we take the next logical step – repairing the leaking pipes or replacing them, as necessary. If, for example, you have an older home built with galvanized steel pipes, it’s just a matter of time before pipe corrosion rears its ugly head and leaves you with a problem that must be resolved.

And that’s just one reason why the sooner you spot even a hint of a water leak, contact Anthony’s right away. Because the sooner we get to work, chances are the less of a problem – and lower the cost – it will be to stop the leak and eliminate the source of the damage.

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