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You Could be Cooking with Gas. Or Grilling Your Food. Or…

The fact is, natural or propane, gas offers several key advantages over home heating oil. Lower cost is high on that list, and so is fewer carbon emissions. Keep in mind that lots and lots of oil is still used to generate electricity across the US.

All it takes to switch from oil or electric heat and appliances is a gas main on your street and a connection from the street to your home. From there, Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can take over and install new gas lines for every use you desire. Let’s examine just a few of the possibilities:

Switching from an electric to gas stove
It’s widely known that all the great cooks and chefs use gas vs. electric ranges and ovens. A gas range provides a superior cooking experience, one that truly does affect the quality of food and the time it takes to prepare your meal. Gas stoves work with a flame that you can actively control at the turn of a button rather than an electric plate which takes time to cool down. Therefore, using gas will minimize the chance of overcooking and impact the way the food tastes.

More Benefits of Natural Gas

Switching from an electric to gas dryer
Drying your clothes with a natural gas dryer saves you time and money. A natural gas dryer heats quicker and clothes dry much faster vs. using an electric dryer. With fewer moving parts, natural gas dryers are also less likely to break down, thus enabling you to save on maintenance costs.

Outdoor gas grilling
How many times have you been in a mid-barbecue and suddenly your propane tank runs dry? And, horror of horrors, your back-up tank is empty, too. Talk about a meal gone wrong. Instead, lose the tanks and switch to a gas grill expertly connected by Anthony’s to a new outdoor gas line.

Why Choose Anthony’s for Gas Line Installation & Repair

While natural gas is safe to use, it might not be if not installed by a licensed gas fitter. We are just that. Which means for gas line installation or repair, you’ll be in safe and experienced hands.

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