Spoiler alert: your heating system won’t last forever. In fact, if you live in your home long enough, your system is certain to fail.

Is there a “good news” side to this story?  Well, sort of – and that is, heating systems rarely fail without first issuing warning signals. So, if you take note of and heed these signs, you won’t face a sudden breakdown and loss of heat in the middle of winter.

So THAT begs the question: what exactly ARE these warning signs? Let’s have a look.

Thermostat Needs Constant Adjusting or Doesn’t Work

Lack of consistent heat throughout your home is one way to tell your system isn’t working up to par. Other factors could be at work, too, like a problem with a thermostat, obstructed ductwork, or a clogged filter. You’ll want one of our HVAC techs to diagnose the problem for you.

“Nose-Bleed” Heating Bills

If your heating bills are slowly rising while your need for heat remains steady, it’s time to have your system serviced. If that doesn’t solve the problem, system replacement is probably your best bet.

Loud, Unusual Noises

Furnaces and boilers should be felt, not heard. If yours starts hissing, gurgling, thumping, or making banging noises – well, it’s just not supposed to.

Age & Frequent Repairs  

Is your heating system approaching or past its 20th year of active service? If so, it’s most likely nearing the end – that’s especially true if repair episodes are on the rise – not to mention associated costs. Eventually, even one more repair bill just isn’t worth it.


Just as it should heat your home quietly, a gas boiler – as one example – should not leak water or hydronic fluid. If you see water at the base of the unit, take quick action and call Anthony’s for service.

While it’s helpful to know and understand heating system warning signs, they don’t always indicate the need to replace your system. There’s only one way to be sure, and that’s to see and diagnose the problem firsthand. Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating and Air maintains and repairs all makes and models of home heating systems, so contact us today or any time form prompt and dependable service.