Summer turning to winter in New Jersey is a mixed blessing, utility cost wise. While you’re thrilled to see your electricity go down once you no longer need your central air system, it’s just a matter of time before your heating costs make up the difference and maybe even surpass it.

Tell you what…let’s deal with reducing cooling costs in another blog. For now, here’ are some practical tips on how to heat your home for less.

  • Dress a little bit warmer! If you’re wearing shorts and tee shirts around the house in mid-January, of course you need more heat! Add on a layer or two of clothing, throw a blanket over you while watching TV, and you’ll shave a few dollars off your bill.
  • Open those drapes and blinds. Why block the sun from your house when all it can do is help warm things up? So throw open those blinds, shades and drapes, but just until the sun goes down. Then close them back down to retain the heat you’ve gained.
  • Keep the cold air out. It doesn’t take rocket science to know if cold air is entering your home around windows or under doors. Walk right by them and you readily feel the chill. If you do, it’s time to add caulk and weather stripping unless they’re beyond repair. In that instance, simply replace them.
  • Check your ductwork. One thing you can’t readily see or feel is your duct work, normally tucked away inside an attic. But if your heating bills suddenly go up and you can account for the increase, inspecting your air ducts is a good idea. Cracks and leaks lead to warm escaping where it’s not needed and allow dust and other pollutants to enter and work their way into your living spaces.
  • Replace old thermostats. If you still have old-fashioned dial-type thermostats, they’re not helping the cause, or at least not as much as you might like. By replacing them with programmable models, you can preset temperatures to coincide with your schedule so things cool down when no one’s home and become nice and toasty again shortly before you return.

Another surefire way to help reduce home heating costs is with a professional system cleaning and inspection by Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air.  Regular maintenance leads to more than just lower utility costs. You also can look forward to fewer repairs, longer system lifespan, and cleaner air. For more information or to schedule service, contact us today.