On an average daily basis, how much time do you spend thinking about either your current shower curtain, or what the next one might look like?  Close to zero? That’s pretty much what we figured.

Still, when it’s time to buy, some people can’t stop thinking about it, researching new and cool designs, different price points, easy-to-clean materials, and all the rest.

Since buying a shower curtain isn’t an everyday experience, here are some tips you’ll do well to follow:

Shower Curtain versus Liner

Shower liners are made of waterproof fabric or plastic and are placed behind a shower curtain, along the inner rim of a shower or tub. The goal is to prevent water from leaking out onto the floor. A shower curtain, which goes over the liner, hangs on the outside of a tub.

Natural or Synthetic Materials

Natural materials like cotton, hemp, linen, and canvas look great, are eco-friendly, and easy to clean. However, they are not water-proof, so be sure to add a good quality liner to prevent water from splashing on your floor and walls.

Curtains made from synthetic materials like polyester or plastic are water-proof, resistant to wrinkling, durable, and easy to clean. However, they don’t look as luxurious as those made of natural fabrics and can even look a bit cheap.

Size Matters

Most standard shower curtains measure 70-72” wide and 70-72” long. To get just the right fit for your shower or tub, start by measuring your curtain rod and add 12” to ensure full coverage end to end. For length, measure from the bottom of your curtain rod to just above the floor if you have a shower and subtract about 10” from the length for a tub.

How to Hang

You can hang your shower curtain with hooks or hookless grommets. Hooks come in a variety of styles and finishes whereas hookless grommets simply snap open and close around the rod. They slide across the rod easily and don’t make as much noise as hooks do.

If the new curtain is meant for a new tub or shower stall, Anthony’s Plumbing can handle everything from removing your old tub to full installation.  We also can assist you in choosing the right look, size, and material.  Want something a little extra like an anti-scald shower valve or grab bar? We can help you with all that, too. Contact us today for a free quote on your bathroom upgrade project.