We know the temptation. Your kitchen sink clogs up as you’re preparing for a dinner party. You try and try to clear it yourself, and nothing works. Two hours to go before company arrives, and you don’t already have a “go to” company to assist you.

So, you hit the internet and think first and foremost about: “Who can get here the fastest?” Like we said, we know the temptation. And yet we also know that’s not the best way to choose a drain cleaning company, whether for short- or long-term assistance.

Here’s why. Let’s say that your basic plunger, snake, and auger drain cleaner can’t fix it either. At that point, you can pretty much forget about food preparation and think about who has the best local pizza.

Worse, you’re going to pay for a drain cleaning call that accomplished nothing. Not for lack of trying, mind you, but simply because your chosen drain cleaner wasn’t properly equipped.

That’s where Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air comes into play. You see, we ARE properly equipped for any clogged drain or toilet problem.  Our in-drain video cameras, for instance, help us locate the exact extent, location, and make-up of the problem. If indeed it’s too far down the line for conventional drain cleaning equipment to reach, we also have high-pressure water jetters that we use to flush drain lines clear from one end to the other.

Whether you’re looking for assistance now or someone you can turn to down the road, bookmark this page and remember our name. We’re Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air: fully equipped and experienced to help you with clogged drain problems large and small, and always with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.