When you move into a home or complete a bathroom remodel, everything is so neat and orderly. Nothing out of place, and no item there that doesn’t belong elsewhere.

Assuming you’ve experienced that feeling before, how long did it last? A month, two, three, maybe even longer? Regardless of how much time elapses, sooner or later that bathroom takes on frightening proportions as a repository for clothes, robes, towels – dirty and clean – hair styling products, and so much more.

Is a bathroom – especially one that’s smallish – the right spot for clutter? Of course not. So, the question is, how do you accomplish the two-pronged task of decluttering and creating more storage space at the same time?

Follow along as Anthony’s provides several useful tips.

  1. Remove all items that belong elsewhere. This is a family matter as not all those items will be yours. So, collectively banish dirty clothes to the laundry room, safely return jewelry to a jewelry box, shoes to the closet, hair styling products to a cabinet or drawer, medicines to a place out of children’s reach, and so on.
  2. Throw away everything with an expiration date from the past, especially prescription or over-the-counter drugs. But don’t ignore shampoos, conditioners, gels, and ointments, either.
  3. Sort items that are used daily from all the rest. Then take what’s left and find places to store them in in drawers, your linen closet, and wherever else appropriate space is available.
  4. Use a green cleaner. Spray the cleaner in the shower and tub, on your cleared off countertops, and in the toilet. Let the cleaner “get to work” on those surfaces while you sweep the floors and clean the mirror. Wipe down the counters, scrub the toilet, and then the shower.
  5. Find ways to add storage space without adding to the clutter. Here are a few examples:
  • Too little drawer space? Shelves with baskets under your sink can help solve that problem.
  • Bathroom on the small side? Shelves over the toilet or around the upper part of your walls can add a nice decorating touch and increase the amount of usable space.
  • Replace your vanity with one that offers more floor space, perhaps even beneath it.
  1. Once you’re done purging and re-arranging, give your bathroom a thorough cleaning before restocking it.
  2. Keep a few cleaning products in the bathroom for low maintenance cleaning. Sanitizing wipes, a toilet scrubber, glass cleaner, and extra small trash bags make a great cleaning kit that fits nicely in a bucket or caddy.

As you well know, storage, clutter, and cleaning aren’t the only bathroom problems to be addressed. Sometimes the plumbing goes haywire, a toilet clogs that no amount of DIY effort can resolve, or your bathroom becomes a safety hazard for senior and junior members of your household. No matter what the bathroom plumbing need, contact Anthony’s for a job completed on time and to your complete satisfaction. We guarantee it.