It’s coming.  And no doubt faster than you’d like.  Still, the Holiday Season – including Christmas and other days of special meaning – is upon us, and the pressure is on to finalize your shopping and holiday meal plans.

If you’re the host for any upcoming event, then you’ll want to pay special attention to this article. Because in it, we give you proven effective ways to prevent clogged drains, garbage disposals, and toilets. The kind of clogs that cause you grief and, in many instances, money to get things back to normal.

 1. Pre-Holiday Home Plumbing Inspections

All kinds of plumbing problems – not just clogged drains – can be prevented with a whole-house plumbing inspection. We think it’s the most valuable service we offer, and so do the many customers who insist on annual plumbing inspections. VIP customers, the cost of the inspection is included in your one low membership fee.

 2. The Garbage Disposal is Not a Trash Can

We know you and your guests won’t eat everything on the table. Nor will you save every last leftover. Which means food scraps, and more, are destined for the garbage disposal, so you’ll want to be extra careful with what you put there. That means, no FOG (fats, oil or grease), no meat bones, no fibrous foods, no pasta or rice…just be careful and run cold water for a minute after each grinding.

 3. Don’t Put Grease Down the Drain

Avoid pouring fats, oils and grease down your drains this season. When these substances go down the drain, it will harden, causing your sewer pipes to clog.

 4. Run Plenty of Cold Water

Run plenty of hot water while you’re grinding your food down the garbage disposal and keep running the water for another minute after you’ve shut the disposal off. Also, avoid using hot water to melt grease because it will eventually solidify and clog the drain.

 5. Toilets Clog Easily

With additional guests in your home, your toilets will be working overtime. We encourage you to advise family and friends not to flush cotton balls, swabs, feminine products, hair or facial scrub pads down the toilet. These items won’t dissolve and will cause clogs.

Should you encounter plumbing or heating problems of any kind throughout the holiday season and beyond, there’s only one name you need to remember:  Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.  We’re on the job and ready to serve.