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Whole-House Air Filter | Air Purifier

With Improved Indoor Air Quality, You’ll Feel Better and Save Money, Too.

On average, indoor air about 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. And that’s according to the EPA, the National Center for Disease Control, and numerous other reputable sources.

indoor-air-qualityIs the air inside your home loaded with contaminants to the point where you’re experiencing some not-so-pleasant symptoms? It probably is if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Poor air distribution
  • Poor ventilation
  • Clogged and dirty AC and furnace filters
  • Accumulated dust and other pollutants inside your duct work
  • Cracks or leaks inside your ductwork that allow dust, dirt, and more to enter

Those are just some of the ways indoor air pollutants can work their way into your lungs.

One way to stop them is with a whole-house air filtration system designed and installed by the air quality pros here at Anthony’s. We have the right system for every size and type of house…AND every budget. With a HEPA-style whole-house air filter, for example, you can get rid of more than 99% of all pollutants attempting to pass through the filter while your heating or cooling system fan is operational.

That spells huge amounts of relief for anyone with chronic upper respiratory ailments.

Whole-House Humidifier | Whole-House Dehumidifier

Too much or too little indoor humidity can rob you of a great deal of personal comfort. That’s why Anthony’s offers and installs two types of whole-house humidity control systems:


Any kind of heating system, especially forced air, tends to rob your indoors of much-needed humidity. How can you tell? In any number of ways, including: frequent static electrical shock, dry hair, itchy skin, shrinking and cracking wood, and more. With a whole-house humidifier working in conjunction with your heating system, you’ll feel warmer at lower temperature settings…the same effect humidity has outdoors throughout the summer months.


If you have a newer central AC system, you’re probably not a candidate for a whole-house dehumidifier. But the older the system, the more it loses its ability to simultaneously cool things off and remove excess humidity. So, if excess indoor humidity is making it harder for you to sleep and generally feeling miserable, one call to Anthony’s can make a world of difference…for the better.

Money-Saving Solutions

No matter what type of indoor air quality system you opt for, you can expect to save money. Cleaner air, for example, helps your heating and AC systems operate more efficiently, and that means fewer repairs plus lower utility bills.

Whole-house humidity control systems accomplish the same dual goal, just in different ways.

To learn more and obtain a free in-home quote, contact Anthony’s today.