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Ductless Air System | Air Source Heat Pump

When is One Home Comfort System Better Than Two? Read On and Find Out!

Let’s say you’re thinking about building a home. In a perfect world, and where money IS an object, what kind of heating and cooling systems would you want included?

Well, the more you do your homework, the more you’re likely to insist on one system that provides both:  warm and cool air.  That’s because two systems are easier to care for than one.  Plus, there’s no way you can beat the energy efficiency of the two types of combined heating and cooling systems we offer:  ductless air and air source heat pumps.

At the same time, ductless air and heat pumps aren’t intended solely for new construction. They’re for pretty much anyone, and Anthony’s is here to help you decide if that includes you.

Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

combinedAn air source heat pump will give you all the cool and warm air you need in our Central New Jersey climate, all year long. To the naked eye, it looks remarkably like a central air conditioning system with an outdoor condensing unit and indoor combined air handler and heat exchanger. And, like your central AC and forced air heating system, it propels conditioned air through your home’s air ducts.

But it’s still just one system doing the work of two. So, if your heating and cooling systems are at least 10 years old and you’re inclined to replace one, we can give you some compelling reasons why you might want to consider replacing both.

Ductless Air Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

combined2Like a heat pump, ductless air is a combined heating and cooling system.

With a ductless air system from Anthony’s, you’ll also enjoy tremendous flexibility.  Many home owners, for example, use it to heat and cool a basement, four-season porch, remodeled room, or addition.  You can also heat and cool your entire home with ductless air, and that’s a great option for anyone who doesn’t or can’t have duct work installed.

Each system features one or more outside condensing units that are connected to wall-mounted heat exchangers.  The latter, in turn, deliver conditioned air more efficiently that air ducts ever could.

Already have a heat pump or ductless air system? Give us a call for your particular service or repair need.

Or, for a new system quote – including an explanation of the most promising new system options – contact Anthony’s today.