There’s a saying in business and, for that matter, life in general: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

From our experience, the truth is somewhere in the middle where it’s usually found. As in, yes, you want someone who is familiar to you and you to them. But you also want the requisite skill to back up whatever level of personal service they provide.

Having one person or one company that can fill both roles up to or past your expectations can be an awesome feeling. More than that, it spares you the trouble of conducting fresh searches every time a service need arises.

So, who is it you want in your corner knowing they’ll be there when you need them? Here are just a few worthy examples:

Pest Control – When you discover signs of an insect or rodent infestation, it’s important to reach out to a professional right away. Otherwise, you could end up sharing your home with a plethora of unwanted guests (like mice and rats) that can track in disease and do structural damage (like termites) to your home.

Roofer – While you may not need to replace your roof for decades to come, you might need to repair roofing problems caused by overhanging tree branches, severe weather, and normal wear and tear. What’s more, a roofer can repair or replace damaged gutters and downspouts to keep rainwater and melted snow flowing freely.

Handyman Service – If you’re not the DIY type, get to know someone who is and can help with minor projects around the house like drywall repair, furniture assembly, TV mounting, and a slue of other home repair and maintenance tasks.  Hook up with the right one and, before you know it, you’ll be looking for projects for them to tackle.

HVAC Company – Chances are, if your heating or cooling system turns against you, it will be at the most inconvenient time possible, like midnight in the dead of winter or on the hottest day of the summer. And that is not the time to start looking for a reputable pro. Get ahead of emergency repairs by having your HVAC systems inspected and tuned-up annually so that when trouble strikes, you’ll know who to call.

Plumber – Homeowners often can handle minor plumbing problems on their own, while others require a bit more know-how and the right equipment. Given that many plumbing issues are of the emergency variety, don’t wait until that day to find the right company – find them now!

On second thought, you may just get a very capable plumbing AND HVAC company in a single stroke of good fortune – at least, that’s how we hope you feel. We’re not about to blow our own horn, we simply invite you to give us a try. Because by choosing us once, we’re confident you’ll keep Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for life.