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Programmable Thermostat | Whole-House Zone Control

How to Enjoy Added Comfort, Flexibility,
and Savings.

If your heating and cooling systems operate from a single thermostat, you could be paying way too much in monthly energy costs.

Now, Anthony’s gives you two great ways to save money with your new or existing home comfort system.

add-onsZoning for Added Flexibility

Very little in life stays the same. Even when it does, it’s often not for very long.  Happily, we have a super simple way for you to keep up with changing times, heating and cooling wise. And it all starts by adding one or more zones to your house, each with its own thermostat.  That way, you can enjoy maximum comfort in occupied rooms and save money elsewhere.

Save More Money with Programmable Thermostats

Reducing your monthly heating and cooling costs couldn’t be easier with Wi-Fi accessible programmable thermostats from Anthony’s.  Here’s what they can do for you:

  • Pre-program temperature settings, one day and one zone at a time
  • Change those settings, even when you’re not home, using each thermostat’s free app
  • Cut your annual heating costs 10-12% while saving up to 15% during the air conditioning season.

Ready to start paying less to heat and cool your home?  Contact Anthony’s today so we can make it happen.