When it comes to home heating problems, there are plenty of people who live in the land of “denial”.  As in, it practically takes indoor popsicle toes before it sinks in that their furnace isn’t acting up to par.

Luckily, there are plenty of warning signs that tell you “don’t wait until things get worse, because they only will.” Let’s examine a few of them.

Uneven Temperatures

If one room feels like Miami Beach and another like Anchorage, well, we’d call that a problem. It’s one that probably has something to do with air distribution, a clogged filter, perhaps even a faulty thermostat.

Soaring Heating Costs

If you’re afraid to open your gas or electric bill for fear of crazy price hikes to heat your home, you also have a problem – one that usually has little if anything to do with rising gas or oil prices. A more likely explanation is built-up furnace wear and tear, air leaking from your ducts, a clogged filter (again), and so on.

Dust, Dust Everywhere

If you feel warm enough but notice an over-abundance of dust in the air and on furniture, once again it’s time to check your furnace filter and clean or replace it as needed. Or, perhaps your air ducts are caked with dust and dirt that’s blowing into your living spaces every time the furnace fan comes on.

Unexplained Noises

No, a furnace is not supposed to wheeze, pop, rattle or make any other kind of loud, unpleasant noise.  When it does, it’s practically screaming “Help!” so you can have the problem diagnosed and repaired.  What could cause such noises?  Things like undersized ducts, metal ducts knocking against each other, rodents inside your ducts, a loose fan blade, corroded gas valve, failing blower motor – just to name a handful.

If any of these conditions exist in your home, now’s the perfect time to contact Anthony’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, your local home comfort specialists.  We offer expert diagnoses, guaranteed upfront price quotes, and high quality workmanship to help ensure your complete satisfaction.