Does your sump pump have an easy life, or does it get called into action on a regular basis? Either way, it won’t last forever, and the worst time to prove that point is while it’s busy removing water from your basement.

You see, other than reaching the point where it no longer makes economic sense to fix it, sump pumps can – and will – shut off from a lack of power. Your house goes dark. Someone overloads a circuit. The dog trips over the cord and pulls it out of the wall. When things can happen, they usually do.

That’s why we recommend giving your sump pump the support it needs with a back-up sump pump. There are two kinds – water- and battery-powered. They each have their pros and cons and for now, we won’t try to steer you in either direction. Rather, it’s more important that you understand what they do.

The second a main pump shuts off, no matter the reason, its back-up pump will jump into action, continuing to remove water from your basement. A water-powered sump pump – which requires only a main water line to operate – can run indefinitely or until electrical power is restored.

Battery-powered back-ups are most popular in areas where water back-ups can’t be used, i.e., where there is no city water. Several factors determine how long a battery-operated pump can last, but these are good rules of thumb: up to four hours of continuous operation, and up to 30 hours of intermittent operation.

Either way, your home and belongings will be better protected with a main and a back-up pump.

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