Just in case you’re not sure what a ductless air system is or how this technology even came about, here’s a quick primer.

A ductless air system, as the name suggests, is a combined heating and cooling system that delivers conditioned air without the need for air ducts. Instead, the “headquarters” of a ductless air system is an outside condensing unit that connects to up to one or more wall-mounted blowers that deliver conditioned air to one room at a time.  Each ductless condensing unit can support up to five such wall-blowers.

While most of the ductless systems we install provide both warm and cool air, many people still just ductless air systems for AC only. At least you have that option.

Ductless systems were introduced in Japan in the 1970’s, so it’s hardly a brand-new technology. But lately its popularity in the U.S. has been soaring as more and more people become aware of the possibilities it affords.

So, why might you want a ductless air system for your home? Here are 4 very good reasons among several:

  1. Your house doesn’t have and can’t support air ducts, at least not affordably.
  1. By opting for ductless air, you can heat and cool your entire home or use it on a more limited basis, say, for your basement, a converted attic, new addition, etc.
  1. A ductless air system can be used to replace your existing heating and cooling systems or to provide conditioned air on a more localized basis, say, for your finished basement, converted attic, new addition, and so on.
  1. You can save 30% to 50% on a new ductless air system compared to the cost for a new or replacement central air conditioning system.

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