5 Reasons to Purchase a Tankless Water Heater

Even just a few years ago, tankless water heaters were still pretty much a well-guarded secret. Most people, in fact, still tend to buy the same kind of system they have now when it’s time to replace it, but more and more the pendulum is swinging to more energy efficient alternatives.

Tankless water heaters are one such option, and here are 5 good reasons why you might want one of your own:

  1. The right sized system can provide all the hot water your family needs.
  2. Average lifespan of up to 20 years compared to 10-12 for a storage tank system.
  3. Whole- and partial-home models available, depending on your needs.
  4. With no hot water to keep constantly heated in a storage tank, you save money on your energy bills.
  5. Plus, you’ll gain valuable storage space once your existing water heater storage tank is removed.

And that begs the question: how does a tankless system heat your water with no storage tank? Once you turn on a hot water faucet of appliance, water flows from a cold-water pipe into the system’s wall-mounted heat exchanger. From there the water is sent heated and direct to the source.

To learn more about tankless water heaters and how one might be in your future, contact Anthony’s Plumbing Heating & Air today. We’ll also be glad to provide you with a free new-system proposal.

5 Reasons to Purchase a Tankless Water Heater